The countdown is over.. I present to you STYR!


STYR is a local bike blog for Lille. At STYR you get access to the pulse of the already existing urban bike vibes in the city of Lille, making the life of biking more visible, more fun and easier to join. Keep an eye on STYR to follow the bike-style from the streets of Lille, find interesting pit stops for you and your bike and get in general just bike-inspired.
There are also events coming up, so stay tuned, polish your handlebar and get ready to cruise your ride to the STYR events or a pit stop near you.. keep rolling with style!!

Styr, a bottom up approach!

We are working on an extra layer to the ongoing project of the municipality, to enhance the use of bike – focusing on the experience of the bike users! Our goal is to strengthen the bike image of the city and make the lilloise aware of, and more interested in taking the bike around the city. A bottom up approach, we believe, is the way to create a consistent and strong bike development in Lille, in addition to the work of the PDU.

Who is STYR?

I’m a Danish urban designer, from LEVA Urban Design in Norway, with a special focus on the experience of moving and the image of a city. I have been living in Lille for a few years now and in a city as flat as this, full of students, I’m surprised that there is not more bicycles on the road, for an otherwise perfect scenery for biking.

With STYR, we at LEVA want to create an awareness about biking and get more people on the saddles and ride through the city.

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