Bikes run better on coffee!

There is with no doubt there is a strong connection between coffee and cycling. Being an urban rider or a sportive cyclist, coffee and bikes fit like a glove!
Here are some reasons to drink coffee before AND after biking:

Wanting to get faster from A to B
If you want to get some extra speed in those pedals, just drink coffee. Caffeine will work as a EPO shot and you will find yourself full of energy and adrenaline to race through the city!

To achieve extra speed, its recommended to drink a double espresso before the bike ride!

Burning fat
Coffee before biking furthermore enhances the fat burning! Coffee will promote fat metabolism so you can get extra fit while enjoying to roll your wheels over the bike lanes fast and efficient.

Drink coffee to recover

After a trip on your bike coffee helps your body to refuel better! …and you have off cause been riding miles and miles through the city and are in a need of some extra fuel!

Its recommended to drink a latte or a coffee with full fat milk for the best recovery! You will get some essential protein, calcium and fat all needed for recovering.


Drink coffee and race through Lille


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