A winter hug for the road, from Coffee Makers!


The first pitstop on STYR – Coffee Makers!
Coffee makers is a cozy, urban and cool pitstop between the city center and the Gare Saint Saveur, for a refreshing drink, boost of caffeine, a home made snack, a full brunch.. Or to warm yourself on a ’Winter hug’, a great warm drink with ginger, cinnamon, milk and anis. Which made my day!

One of my first goals when I arrived in Lille was to find a great coffee spot, and luckily I found this spot. The Coffee Makers don’t just serve a delicious cup of coffee, they roast the coffee them selves in a spare room in the back of the café and are the only roasters in town. So if  you want to bring the taste home to your own coffee cup you can buy the Coffee Makers coffee beans as well!

Other than that you have room enough to park your bike just in front of the cafe along the facade lock it to a light pole or bring your bike in the court yard in the back of the cafe.

If you want to go there before or after a bikeride, as a meeting point or to get a cup to go you can find the Coffee Makers at:

151 rue de Paris, 59000 Lille

From monday to friday between 8.30-18.00 or for a saturday pitstop between the hours 9.30 and 18.00.



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