A bike story from a Lillois-cyclist, part 1 – the Coffee Makers Team


Collin the Coffee Maker with his bike Gazelle

Collin is a Dutch guy from Rotterdam who is one of the two owners of Coffee Makers. Being from one of the biggest bike countries in the World, and being an active urban bike rider himself, I asked him about his view on biking in Lille. One of the most important things that are missing for Lille to become a true bike city, is the improvement of separate bike lanes. Even though he feels more safe and relaxed riding his bike through the streets of Lille compared with Paris. Collin said ”Its not enough to draw on the road to create a safe feeling of bike travelling through the city”.

Furthermore to ensure a safe and positive bike ride, it is necessary that people respect each other in the traffic. Compared to his biking experience from the time living in Paris, where he often found cars parked in the bike lanes blocking him from passing and forcing him to bike either in the car lane or the sidewalks, Lille feel much more relaxing to bike in. “At some of my rides in Paris, I must admit I found myself giving a few cars a thorough side kick. That has yet to happen in Lille…!”, he said with a big smile.


One thought on “A bike story from a Lillois-cyclist, part 1 – the Coffee Makers Team

  1. Donnez “un sidekick” … pas encore arriver a Lille. Ni moi. A mon velo course GAZELLE Champion Mondial de 1981 je suive les pistes cyclable partout dans le metropole. Depuis 2010. Hier par contre un automobiliste a commencer de faire un geule. J’ai repondu que il y a aussi possible de sourir. Et …. au fin. Il a souri.


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