A bike story from a Lillois-cyclist, part 2 – The Coffee Makers Team


Mat the other Coffee Maker (and beer enthusiast) with his Dutch bike

Bike riding gives the feeling of freedom that no other transport mode can compete with, this is the reason why Mat prefers the bike! With a car there is a lot of stops, traffic jams, one direction roads and the search for a parking. On foot the travel takes too long. Even going traveling Mat rents the city bikes to get around in the cities, and find this an easier way to ride between all the great coffee spots!

This is how we started the conversation about biking. Mat is polish and is as Collin, his co-owner of Coffee Makers, surprised that there are not more cyclist on the roads of Lille.

I asked Mat to share a special bike experience good or bad… and fresh in memory Mat had a surprisingly encounter with a car the other day. Driving straight on Rue Faidherbe a car oversaw him and did a left turn directly into Mat and his bike, ending up with him being on the bonnet of the car. Luckily this happened in a slow speed so both Mat and his bike are safe and sound – car drivers watch out for the bikers out there!


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