Bike stories from two Lillois-cyclists, part 3 – The Coffee Makers Team

Dajo and Paul, two of the Coffee Makers Baristas and their use of V’lille

Two of the smiling and friendly faces you will meet at the Coffee Makers, are the Belgian Dajo and the French Paul. All together Coffee Makers is a pretty international pit stop.

To the bikes! Both Dajo and Paul chose to use the V’lille bikes instead of having a bike of their own. They explain the benefits as they have no risk of their bike getting stolen – which Dajo explained has happened to his former bikes – and you have no responsibility of fixing the bike and keeping it fit. You always have a bike ready to ride. The downside, though, can be the risk of not having a bike available at a station close to you or no place to park the bike at a station near the place you are going. Otherwise they say its an easy way to have a bike in the city with out the risks and responsibilities.
So, there are no excuses to not get on the bikes out there and ride through Lille!



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