Les Mains Dans Le Guidon! Self-repair in a true bike universe


In the middle of Rue Leon Gambetta you will find a cozy little bike pearl called Les Mains Dans Le Guidon. Passing through a narrow aisle with a bike wall on one side and a graphic bike poster wall on the other, you will arrive to discover a new bike repairing universe. Bike parts and tools are decorating the whole shop – wheels mounted on the wall like an art installation, quirky, cool chairs made of bike seats and tubes are placed in the cafe area and looking at the walls you will find handlebars with seats transformed into animal-like wall decorations… But, there is more than a cozy atmosphere to make you want to stay – you will find loads of tools for repairing and fixing your own bike.

Dropping by Les Mains Dans Le Guidon just a couple of weeks after the opening, I had the pleasure of meeting Gregoire and Renaud, the two great minds behind this interesting shop. It was not much of a surprise when they told me the shop was already well used. Not only do they provide space and tools for repairing bikes, the bikers there share their knowledge of repairing with each other creating an appealing cycle environment. A friendly place to meet other enthusiasts.

So if you go, like me, with no clue on how to fix your bike, no worries, Gregoire, Renaud or other bikers in the shop will be more than happy to share their handy tricks.
Using the workshop

For 30 € per year you have free access to all the professional tools for repairing, shining up or upgrading your bike as often as you wish or is needed for. You can also benefit from the recycling collection with several used parts, as well as getting a discount on new parts.


Spare parts or a new bike

Whether you are looking for a wedge, a tube, a luggage rack or a blue string, you’ll find everything in the shop, making it really easy to install directly on your bike using the workshop area.

For the ones that don’t already have a bike, this is the place where you can find a great and affordable one, the bikes cost between 40-100 euros. And both Gregoire and Renaud will help find the best best fit for you.


The Cafe

While fixing the bike, or even if you don’t, you are welcome to enjoy a cup of coffee, read bike magazines and hang out in the café. The atmosphere is unique, the people are great – get on your wheels and get ready to be inspired and shine up your bike. Spring is arriving!


Bring your bike and make a pitstop at
Les Mains Dans Le Guidon for a fix up at

166, Rue Léon Gambetta, Lille, 59000

From Tuesday to Saturday, between 10h – 19h
Check out their webpage http://www.lesmainsdansleguidon.fr

And follow them on Facebook: Les Mains Dans Le Guidon



One thought on “Les Mains Dans Le Guidon! Self-repair in a true bike universe

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