2 bike stories from Les Mains Dans le Guidon


In the bike universe of Les Mains Dans Le Guidon you will have the pleasure of meeting, Grégoire and Renaud, the two minds behind this new bike concept store in Lille. They shared each one of their bike stories with STYR – drop by Les Mains Dans le Guidon for more.


Grégoire about his cargo bike

“It is a gift from my wife a few years ago.  At first, I was not fully convinced, I thought it was some kind of funny gadget, but not very useful.

But now I go everywhere in Lille, with this cargo bike, I carry my kids to school everyday (they love it !) but also my groceries, my tools and even garbage to the “dechetterie” ! And I would not be able to live without it !

I really thank my wife for putting me back on a bikes ! and making me re-discover this daily pleasure ! I therefore wish the best to my friend Sira, who has the ambition, with her project Velowomon, to put everyone on a cargo bike !!!”


Renaud about all his bikes and bikes in general

“My fixies, my BMX, my Stella, my Bickerton, …..

I love bikes in general, i love the object, I love the mechanics, their diversity, their history….

I got the idea of “Les Mains Dans Le Guidon” while I was strugling to build my first fixie for my son a few years ago alone in my basement !

I love them so much, that I prefer fixing a bike rather than riding a bike !”

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